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Screen drying cabinet

Screen drying cabinet

● Scope of application:

This screen drying cabinet is applied to drying the screen plate after the screen be coated with the photosensitive emulsion.

● Feature:

1. Hot air circulation system, which guarantees an equal temp in cabinet and can improve drying efficiency, It usually takes 2~4 minutes to well dry the screens coated with the photosensitive emulsion.
2. Save energy, compared with traditional 7000~8000W drying cabinet, this equipment can save power 3%~4% .
3. CNC control system, make the operation easily.
4. We also can supply the different size of screen washing machine according to customer's requirement.

● Parameter:



Drying area(mm)


Total tiers


Number of heating tube

3 pcs.

Max. temperature

 55 centigrade


5.4 kw



Approx. weight

110 kg

Machine shape size

1000X950X1100 mm

Package size

1300*1050*1130 mm