Flash dryer

Flash dryer

● Scope of application:

This flash dryer is a important equipment in printing process, especially in multi-color printing. You can dry the ink quickly to print next color by flash dryer. it's specially combined with t shirt carousel screen printing machine.

● Feature:

1 The temperature fine-turning function.
2 Drying height adjustable.
3 The operation simple and intuitive interface.
4 Infrared tubes and replace them simple.
5 It could work in with Multicolor screen printing machine.

● Parameter:

1. Heating area: 500*600mm.
2. Drying tube: Black ceramic infrared heating tube.
3. Max temperature: 100°C.
4. Number of heating tube: 6 pcs.
5. Power : 4.8kw.
6. Voltage: AC220V/50HZ.
7. Adjust the length for up and down: 180mm